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Mary Gorman McAdams

Mary Gorman-McAdams, MW is a New York based independent wine consultant offering a range of wine business, education, marketing and tasting services to the wine [...]

Ferdinand Goetzen, Full-stack Growth Hacker

My name is Ferdinand Goetzen and I am a full-stack Growth Hacker. I first ventured into the digital sphere almost a decade ago and have [...]

Murissa Shalapata, The Wanderfull Traveler

My name is Murissa and I am writer/founder of I have been writing for my website for over 6 years now focusing on food travel [...]

Igor Zukowiec Leaf Vodka

Igor Zukowiec was born in the small town of Ruciane-Nida, a quaint village nestled among the gorgeous lakes and forests of Masurian Lake District in [...]

Purple Line Urban Winery

Purple Line Urban Winery is a small family owned winery born out of our long romance and passion for good wine. My name is Kate [...]

Gianni Stefanini – Apollo Olive Oil

Gianni is our miller and overviews all aspects of production in Apollo Olive Oil. He learned his craft the old fashioned way on a traditional [...]

Bret Beall – Oregon Wine Pairing

Through my company, Global Organic Designs - Discovering Earth's Science & Spirit (GOD-DESS), I have been providing education, presentations/demos and articles since 2001. My topics [...]

Christian O’Kuinghttons The Brilliant Sommelier

Christian O'Kuinghttons is the brilliant sommelier there. Following is some insight to his wine philosophy. “In the evolution of the American palate for wine styles, [...]

Chef Candace Conley, Author Of The Girl Can Cook

As chef and owner of The Girl Can Cook, Chef Candace Conley offers recreational cooking classes at her newly renovated studio and catering kitchen, she [...]

Lisa Niver Founder of We Said Go Travel

Lisa Niver is a travel expert, writer, artist, entrepreneur, and on-camera host who has explored 96 countries. Niver has established a following through her written [...]