Wednesday, May 15, 2024

About Mike the Wine Guy

Mike the Wine Guy

Michael Wreyford is a wine educator, writer, lifestyle expert, and host of In Search of The Good Life, a radio show that debuted in 2011. He has traveled and lived all over the world and currently lives in California.

His love for travel started as a young child when his father was stationed in Asia and he traveled on a ship across the Pacific to their new home. From there, the family went to Morocco and many other countries, finally landing in California where Mike went to high school. After graduation, he spent years sailing the open seas and living in Australia and Hawaii.

In the late 90s, Mike returned to California and settled in San Diego where he founded a marketing company. This is also where his deep love for all things wine came to light. By the time he started his radio show “In Search of The Good Life,” he was already known in the wine community for his easy-going style and ability to teach anyone to appreciate wine. The nickname “Mike the Wine Guy” came from the many customers of the store where he rebuilt and rebranded their wine department. Customers would come in looking for him and ask, “Where’s Mike the wine guy?”

Today Mike continues traveling and sharing his love of wine and all good things. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to join in the adventures!