Wednesday, May 15, 2024
The Good Life Show
Ep. 1: Brutocao, Hoss Milone
Ep. 2: Ted Bravos
Ep. 3: Allison Jordon
Ep. 4: Eric Kenyon, Form Is Function
Ep. 5: Wine Spectator's Top 10 Value Wines of 2021
Ep. 6: Meet Edna Valley Winemaker, Nathan Carlson
Ep. 7: Oscar Henquet of Rudd Wines
Ep. 8: Karen MacNeil
Ep. 9: Andy Renda - The Wine Thief
Ep. 10: John Musto - Tom Young
Ep. 11: Marc-Henri Jean-Baptiste
Ep. 12: Thomas DeBiase
Ep. 13: Jeff Runquist
Ep. 14: Rick Moshin
Ep. 15: Kevin Evans
Ep. 16: Craig Palmer of Experience Rosé
Ep. 17: Devin Ruddick
Ep. 18: Bill Nachbaur
Ep. 19: Julie Pedroncelli
Ep. 20: Debbie Osborn, Event Manager
Ep. 21: Claudia Vecchio of Sonoma County
Ep. 22: Rachele Spaletta of Intercoastal Wine
Ep. 23: Linden Schaffer of Pravassa
Ep. 24: Catherine Fallis the Grape Goddess
Ep. 25: Patrick Smith - Airline Pilot Blogger and Author
Ep. 26: Lisa Niver from We Said Go Travel
Ep. 26: Rina Faletti, PhD
Ep. 27: Michael Long, Head Winemaker UPDATED
Ep. 28: David Smith of Sicilia Vineyards
Ep. 29: Eric Sklar - Napa Valley Vineyard Owner
Ep. 29: Eric Sklar - Napa Valley Vineyard Owner
Ep. 30: Carmel Mooney TGL Traveling Correspondent UPDATED

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